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Best Custom Pet Treat's in New Albany

At Ruegie Snack Shack, we know your pet is special – that’s why we believe they deserve the best. Based in New Albany, we can customize our treat's exactly to your pet’s individual needs to give them the healthiest treat's possible. Our treat's are ethically-sourced, prepared fresh, nutritious, and healthy – and available at a reasonable price. So if you think your best friend deserves the highest-quality treat in their diet, tell us all about them and we’ll design a custom tasty suprise especially for them! Call us on +15026125828 for more information.

Affordable and tasty

We believe that feeding your pet high-quality treat's shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so our products come at a range of affordable prices. We also think everything we feed our pets should be packed full of goodness, so we make our products from a combination of protein and plant-based ingredients. We promise your pet will love our delicious recipes – and you can rest easy knowing they contain no preservatives or artificial colors. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss our full custom pet treat selection.

Tailored to unique dietary needs

We have many years of experience in nutrition, so we promise your pet will get the healthiest treat's available. Our wide variety of products suits all types of dogs, but we’ll need to find out all about your pet first so we can build a tailored plan for their unique dietary needs. We’ll collect details such as their breed, age, sex, health condition, activity level and preferred flavor, then we’ll carefully craft a custom blend that pairs those insights with the top nutritional guidelines.


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